Terry Southern, Maurice Girodias, Mason Hoffenberg

1950s, Paris, Greenwich Village ...
Three men's fates, one sexy book ...

The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy

"a magnificent epistolary
style...raucous and voyeuristic."
Publisher's Weekly

The New York Times,
June 6, 2004:

"The adventures of Candy have been related before,
but never as fully and sympathetically as here..."

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Help celebrate CANDY's 40th Anniversary!

The Candy Men by Nile Southern
has been named a finalist for the
2005 Colorado Book Awards.

( was awared first prize for general non-fiction, March 2005 )

Colorado Authors—Live!, a showcase featuring the finalists, is scheduled for September 10, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Denver Public Library's Central Branch. The Colorado Book Awards Gala will be held on October 6 at the Donald R. Seawell Grand Ballroom at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

Conduit to Cool—How Author Terry Southern
Helped Save America from Squaredom

In 1964, no writer was hotter than Terry Southern—whose scandalous CANDY (a rabelasian sexual satire) helped kick down the doors of literary censorship, while Dr. Strangelove (released the same year) woke mainstream America to the absurdity of nuclear war. But who was Terry Southern? Where did he come from? Author and filmmaker Nile Southern (Terry's son) explores the life and legacy of this keystone writer--the missing link between the Beatles and the Beats, between Gonzo, Hollywood and Post-War Paris. Using slides, audio recordings, film clips, and reading from his book The CANDY Men: The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel CANDY, Nile Southern weaves a multimedia portrait of a man at the cultural center of his times.

Sponsored by The Colorado Endowment for the Humanities'
Colorado Center for the Book

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