Originally published in Playboy in 1967, too risqué for the silver screen.

From Now Dig This: The Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern, 1950-1995, edited by Nile Southern and Josh Alan Friedman


World Premiere of Terry Southern's Plums and Prunes in Short Cuts Canada at the
2007 Toronto International Film Festival

1st Screening: WORLD PREMIERE, CUMBERLAND 3, September 12, 2007, 9:45 p.m.

2nd Screening: CUMBERLAND 3. September 13, 2007, 12:00 p.m.

From one of the most influential writers of the twentieth century, Terry Southern (Screenwriter on Dr. Strangelove, Easy Rider, Candy, and the author of such novels as The Magic Christian and Blue Movie) comes a hard-hitting short script combining the author's satiric eye with his surrealist impulse first published in Playboy Magazine in 1967.

Terry Southern's Plums and Prunes was originally intended as part of an anthology of Risque Cinema entitled "Pardon me Sir, But is my Eye Hurting your Elbow", but wasn't made due to its questionable taste. That is, until now. Forty years later Terry Southern's Plums and Prunes is a reality in all its twisted and perverse glory.

"I am honored to have brought Terry Southern's masterpiece to the big screen after all of these years. How many times does a person have the chance to work on script by the writer of Dr. Strangelove and Easy Rider? It was sort of like telling a karaoke singer, "Hey, here's an unsung John Lennon song, want to give it a go?" It is fantastic to have the world premiere at TIFF, a festival of great culture and true understanding of the arts, says Director Dev Khanna.

Set in 1950's picturesque America, Terry Southern's Plums and Prunes is the story of Brad (Tom Knight) and his perverse attachment to his daughter Debbie (Georgina Reilly). By and large, it is about the male ego and fear of growing old. Featuring a marvelous free jazz soundtrack and flawless photography, Terry Southern's Plums and Prunes is both a thought-provoking expose on the male psyche with a Grand Guignol finish. A sexual fantasy rooted in reality—a nightmare reality of aging in a youth-centered world. "As my father would say, 'What manner of weirdness have we here?'"—Nile Southern

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• Shorts Program #3 (which contains the Short in Question) was selected as the Short Program to see by the Globe and Mail this past Friday. PLUMS even gets a shout out!

• PLUMS AND PRUNES will also be featured (12 Shorts were chosen in total at The Drake Hotel in cooperation with The Toronto Film Festival on selected screens throughout the Hotel. This engagement is only on during the festival. So if you're at the Drake and in the mood, take a peek...


• A trailer for the film
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The Filmmakers:

Dev Khanna: Director /Editor/ Producer

Dev Khanna, a native of Toronto, Canada, graduated from The University of Toronto, where he majored in both Human Biology and Cinema Studies. Outside of running DK INTERNATIONAL (A World Wide Sourcing Agency), Dev has moonlighted as a Freelance Editor, Director and Producer working on countless short films and music videos. He is currently writing several feature screenplays, including Stevie, about the life story of a Badminton prodigy. TERRY SOUTHERN'S PLUMS AND PRUNES is his Directorial debut.

Ciprian Joe LoGiudice:

Ciprian Joe LoGiudice, a former art dealer, is a writer, filmmaker, and producer. Joe was Terry Southern's co-author on numerous screen and stage plays and is currently Executive Producer, along with Bob Balaban, and Wendy Apple on the feature film now in production, The Universe According to Levine. LoGiudice is Co-Trustee of the Terry Southern Literary Trust.

Nile Southern:

Nile Southern is a writer, filmmaker and radio producer living in Boulder Colorado and Thessaloniki, Greece. As co-Trustee of the Terry Southern Literary Trust, he has helped manage the literary and film properties of his late father, Terry Southern. He is the co-editor of NOW DIG THIS; The Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern 1950-1995, and author of The CANDY Men; The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel, CANDY, winner of the 2005 Colorado Book Award for non-fiction.

Miroslaw Baszak, Cinematographer:

Miroslaw has developed a stunning body of work encompassing commercials, music videos, feature film and television over the years. His outstanding work in cinematography has garnered him many accolades including Bessie Awards, Canadian Music Video Awards, and Canadian Society of Cinematography Awards. Most recently Miroslaw shot the hit feature The Trailer Park Boys: The Big Dirty with director Michael Clattenburg, the Universal film Land of the Dead with director George Romero, and he has recently completed shooting the theatrical motion picture Shake Hands with the Devil in Rwanda with Director Roger Spottiswoode.

Bob Mover, Composer:

Bob Mover is an alto, tenor and soprano jazz saxophonist and a vocalist. His father was a musician who played professionally including stints with the Charlie Spivak orchestra. He started playing the alto saxophone at age 13, studied with Phil Woods at a summer music camp, and took private lessons with Ira Sullivan.In 1973, at the age of 21, Mover was a sideman for Charles Mingus for a five-month period at New York City's 5 Spot Café. By 1975 Mover was working regularly in New York City jazz clubs with Chet Baker and he made his first European appearances with Baker at Le Grande Parade du Jazz in (Nice, France), Jazz Festival Laren (Holland), and the Middleheim Jazz Festival (Antwerp, Belgium).Mover rejoined Chet Baker in 1981 for a European tour, playing in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Cologne, Germany, where they made the recordings Chet Baker Live at Club Salt Peanuts Koln, Volumes 1 and 2 (Circle). His latest release was recorded in Montreal in 1997 called Television (DSM) featuring John Hicks and Jake Wilkinson.

The Cast:

Tom Knight: Brad

Tom is a Toronto based actor working primarily in film and television. He has held principal roles on the Discovery Network series Forensic Factor, BluePrint for Disaster and Zero Hour as well as appearing in a number of commercials. Tom'[s focus in 2006 was in feature film with principal or supporting roles in The Storm, due for release in Spring 2007, as well as Educated and One Last Breath, scheduled for release in Fall 2007. He is currently working on the short film The Price of Acorn, directed by Jonathan Schwartz, whose mentor Peter Werner, won the Academy Award for Best Short film in 1977.

Gerogina Reilly: Debbie

Although seemingly a "newcomer" to the film and TV industry, Georgina Reilly comes from several generations of professional musicians, writers and performers. She is the grand daughter of Canadian Tommy Reilly who was the world's leading classical harmonica player. Her first foray into television was at ten years old, singing songs for the BBC's childrens TV series Numbertime. Possessing a singing voice more mature than her years she took lead roles in youth theatre productions of The Camelot Kids, Grease' and Guys and Dolls. On completing her formal education in Toronto she decided to continue the family tradition as an actor and singer. To date she has appeared in several commercials, a docu-drama, the TV series Beautiful People and lead roles in two short films. She will be appearing as a principal character in the Internet/TV series Three Men in a Mall. Georgina studies acting with Lewis Baumander and vocal with Gretchen Helbig. She resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Anita deYonge: Donna

Anita has performed in numerous independent films, television shows, commercials, plays and live events. Most recently Anita impressed audiences with her performance as the Woman in Neil Labute's play BASH at the Annex Theatre. She can be seen this fall in Sid Furies' latest film, The Four Horsemen and the much-anticipated film Shadowland: The Legend. On a weekly basis Anita is a home tour guide for the popular Real Estate show Housecapades on Fox 29. When not performing Anita works as a producer. She has produced and toured self-penned plays across Canada and currently is writing a feature film, two TV shows and a play.

David Planche: Tommy

David Planche has been involved in acting since he was 7. Performing in amateur and professional theatre productions, David finally decided to take the leap to professional film acting just recently. Over the past year he has won roles in the feature length "The Four Horsemen" directed by Sidney Furie and the short film "Plums & Prunes" directed by Dev Khanna. David is also currently attending the Theatre and Film program at Ryerson University. He has written and directed his first short film called "Lucid" that is soon to be released.


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