At last, the long-awaited TS ANTHOLOGY... is here!

 "An air of menace permeates a handful of strong, early stories that show
Southern stretching his legs in the style of Poe and Flannery O’Connor. 
[T]hese pieces show Southern honing his technique and mastering the rules
he will later scramble." — Publishers Weekly

"A gathering of uncollected work by the celebrated master of black comedy...
A most welcome collection for longtime Southern fans and neophytes alike"
— Kirkus Reviews

Click here for “The Last Pusher”—one of the wiggy, village vignettes
from The Hipsters—as featured in Harpers!

“The Hipsters is a brilliant and important book. Just like his dad Terry, Nile Southern has edited the writings and the history of a really important author and yet to be documented period in our culture which is FINALLY being addressed.

Terry Southern's combination of street smarts and elegance make his satirical gems classic literature. Like Jonathan Swift, he shows us who we are and how we got that way. It makes us want to read more, and his son Nile captures it all with grace and humor. This is a book you will want to carry with you everywhere you go!

David Amram