CANDY, the hilarous send-up of pornography by Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg, was originally published in 1958, under the pseudonym Maxwell Kenton, for the Olympia Press. Because of peculiarities of the copyright code at the time, the novel, written by two Americans in English and published in France, had no copyright in the US. Banned in Paris, the wily publisher, Maurice Girodias, changed the title of the book to "Lollipop" and it thus evaded the vice squad and postal authorities and kept quietly selling.

When the American publishing company Putnam finally mustered the nerve to publish CANDY in 1964, a slew of unauthorized 'pirate' editions of CANDY came out, taking full advantage of the publicity campaign which Putnams launched, and the 'culture wars' hysteria which the satirical sex novel provoked in the US nationwide.

Below is a sampling of the dozens of different editions which came out mostly between 1964 and 1965, and then during the release of the film adaptation (which starred Marlon Brando and Richard Burton) in 1968. For many publishers, printing CANDY was like printing money, as there were no authors to pay. The CANDY Men, by Nile Southern (Arcade, May, 2004) explores the history of this unique and bizarre publishing saga.

Olympia ed. (FR)

Lancer, 1964

Greenleaf, 1964

Brandon, 1965

Brandon, 1965 (back)

Ampoc, 1965

Daniel, 1965

Dell, 1983

Sundown, 1965

Unique, 1965

Putnam, 1965

Daniel, 1965

Danish, 1965

Europa, 1967

Europa, 1967

Europa, 1967

Ampoc, 1967

Parthena, 1968

Parthena, 1968

Lancer, 1968

Putnam, 1968

Greek, 1968

Unique, 1969


French, 1969

The Candy Men:
The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel Candy
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