Terry Southern's BLUE MOVIE

by William S. Burroughs

"Considering that sex movies on the public screen couples rolling around on top of each other in fake orgasms the man with a limp prick is an impotence image and the actual blue movie posing the all to familiar dilemma of an actor trying desperately to make it when he obviously doesn't want to is another step on the same road: Sid Krassman, a Hollywood archetype, sets out to make a BLUE MOVIE with story lines and sets all the super production buildup for real sex acts performed by enthusiastic and dedicated artists.

Some of the artists including the female star fall by the wayside unable to throw off innate sexual pruderies: "I mean" she screams "just how the hell is me getting fucked on camera by a bunch of stupid...dumb-assed...nigger extras going to help my image??" Others like Davie and his sister Debbie perform with spirit and vigor. It seems for a magic moment as if Grey Emminence Films will bring it off. But the negatives are kidnapped by agents of the Vatican. Or agents perhaps of the film industry itself devining in their ripe wisdom that if they give the audience too much they will stay home and do it themselves in front of their own video cameras? Like DOCTOR STRANGELOVE, BLUE MOVIE is already on set."
--William S. Burroughs
Photo Credit: Jack Wright III

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