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Selected Letters of Terry Southern
Edited by Nile Southern and Brooke Allen

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NOW DIG THIS: The Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern: 1950-1995

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The Candy Men:
The Rollicking Life and Times of the Notorious Novel CANDY

by Nile Southern

A Rabelaisian satire loosely based on Voltaire's Candide, Terry Southern and Mason Hoffenberg's Candy became one of the most famous novels of the tumultuous 1960's. Detailing its humble beginnings in Paris through its agonizing three-year writing gestation (often on paper napkins, lost or destroyed) and the authors' wily business dealings first with French-based publisher Maurice Girodias, then Putnam in America, this book follows with unblinking scrutiny Candy's underground (then mainstream) success, its blatant piracy, its legal shenanigans, and its all-star movie flop. Replete with deceptions and self-deceptions, midnight dope runs, and general pandemonium...

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"In this world, [of Flash and Filigree] nothing is true, and censure or outrage is simply irrelevant."
--William S. Burroughs

"If there were a Mount Rushmore of American satire,
Terry Southern would be the mountain they'd carve it from"

— Michael O'Donoghue, writer-producer: Saturday Night Live

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U.K. editon
and Other Tastes

Classic anthology from 1967 with stories—

  • "The Blood of a Wig"
  • "The Road Out of Axotle"
  • "I Am Mike Hammer"
  • "You're Too Hip, Baby"
    and more!

and, pioneering New Journalism articles
"Recruiting for the Big Parade"
"Twirling at Ole Miss"

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is in print, with a preface by Rip Torn —

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By Lee Hill
Avon Books, 2001


Recently published scholarly study of Terry’s Southern’s oeuvre available ...

Nearly a decade in the making, David Tully's American Grotesque lyrically examines Terry Southern’s literary output,
from the well-known novels, stories and screenplays to lesser-known, unpublished/unproduced works,
offering the first comprehensive examination of the career of this major American writer.

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Poe's Seductive Influence on Great Writers
by Burton R. Pollin
Published by iUniverse, Inc., June 2004

Some of the writers who looked to E.A. "Big Ed" Poe and who are discussed in this book include
Rudyard Kipling, Henry James, Walter de la Mare, Thomas Mann, James Thurber,
Herman Melville, Stephen King Allen Ginsberg, Terry Southern,
Robert Louis Stevenson, and Ernest Hemingway


Blinds and Shutters
A Limited Edition book about Michael Cooper, designer of the Sgt. Pepper's Album Cover.
Introduction by Terry Southern (as featured in NOW DIG THIS!)

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