NOW DIG THIS; The Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern; 1950-1995
2001, Grove Atlantic Press

Introduction: An Interview with Terry Southern by Lee Server

Heavy Put-Away; Or, A Hustle Not Devoid of a Certain Grossness, Granted
A Run of Dimes
Fixing Up Ert
Blue Moviel Outline for Novel

Dear Ms.
Len Big Bopper!
Stiff Gook Rimming
Letter to The Editor, National Lampoon
My Own Sports-Death Fantasy
Worm-Ball Man

Behind the Silver Screen
Interview from Movie People
Strangelove Outtakes
Letter to Kubrick (Concerning Schnitzler’s Rhapsody)
Plums and Prunes

New Journalism
Fiasco Reverie
Grooving in Chi
The Straight Dope on the Private Dick
The Beautiful-Ugly Art of Lotte Lenya
Riding the Lapping Tongue

The Quality Lit Game
Placing an Ms. with New Yorker Mag?
Flashing on Gid [Maurice Girodias]
Rolling Over Our Nerve Endings [William S. Burroughs]
Writers at Work [Henry Green]
King Weirdo [E. A. Poe]
The Scandal Continues
When Film Gets Good...
Drugs and the Writer

Strolls Down Memory Lane
Strange Sex We Have Known [William Burroughs]
Frank's Humor [Frank O'Hara]
Memories of Michael [Michael Cooper]
Remembering Abbie [Abbie Hoffman]
Trib to Von [Kurt Vonnegut and George Plimpton]
Origins of the Lampman [Larry Rivers]

Epilogue: Drugstore Cowboys
Afterword: Dig the Archive by Nile Southern

from Now Dig This; The Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern

New Journalism
"Grooving in Chi" — Chicago '68: Southern, Burroughs, Genet & FBI COINTEL...

Quality Lit
Drugs and the Writer — "Don't just say 'No,' say "No thanks!""


Now Dig This also features an exclusive, unpublished FOLLOW-UP to Terry's story 'Recruiting for the Big Parade': How I Signed Up for $250 a Day for the Big Parade Through Havana Bla-Bla-Bla and Wound Up Working for the CIA in Guatemala — Now that Clinton has apologized for decades of US training paramilitary in Guatemala, The FOLLOW-UP to this story which appears in Now Dig This, FIASCO REVERIE is a detailed 'account', previously unpublished, or the outrageously corrupt and inept effort to invade Cuba. Read the original piece here!

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